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Hillel "Hal" Segal runs Le Beach Club, a travel club, which has been one of the largest booking agents for Club Med and other all-inclusive resorts in the United States. He has visited and reviewed over 100 all-inclusive resorts during the last 36 years. 

As a journalist and management consultant, he has written 254 weekly columns for the Denver Post and other newspapers. As a computer hardware and software reviewer, he wrote over 100 additional articles for ComputerWorld and other publications.

He co-authored two books on personal computers published by Prentice-Hall, holds an undergraduate degree in business and finance, a graduate degree in liberal studies (with emphasis in economics), and has testified as an expert witness before a U.S. Congressional 
Sub-Committee on telecommunications policy.

All the above is true, but since he is also the author of this short description, he can never be accused of being modest or humble. 

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