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We provide our members with unbiased reviews of all-inclusive resorts and cruises -- information about each one based upon the feedback we receive from our other members after their trips. 

How Le Beach Club works...

Unlike regular travel agencies, our club is a "closed group." To be eligible to use our service you need to be either be a current or past member, or request membership.

Also, most travel agencies charge "service fees" for every item. Instead, we charge a $100 deposit (or membership fee) when you call us for our advice and guidance, which is applied to the price of your trip. And even if you don't travel until many years from now, you always get back this amount. So, the actual cost to use our service is still $-0-. The deposit amount is "per booking," regardless of how many people are traveling or how much the trip costs. 

We shop for our members

With so many all-inclusive choices, there are also many unadvertised specials that we hear about every day. Part of our job is to make sure that you get the very lowest price available. So be sure to tell us if your travel dates are flexible, because that will often enable us to find even better rates for you. 

LBC handles lots of groups

Coordinating the needs and diverse travel arrangements of groups is not an easy task, but we've become quite good at it in the last few years with many family reunions and large families. 

But most of our members are still individuals and couples, and we continue to believe that all-inclusive vacations offer the best value and the most fun. Our role is to give you the pros and cons of the resorts, to help you make a good decision, to shop for you to make sure you receive the best rates, and to handle any problems that may arise.  

Our goal is to give wonderful service to our members. Our business model is to give superior, personalized service to fewer people -- rather than lesser impersonal service to more people. 

Submit your deposit to get started...

Just click on the button to the left to submit your deposit, or call us and we can take your credit card information by phone. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express by phone, or PayPal online.                

Thank you!

To our 20,000+ members and former-members who have used our services over the years, we thank you for your business. This is our 33rd year, having started in 1985. 

We'll help you choose from over 500 all-inclusive 
resorts and cruises for your best vacation ever!
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